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Tier 1 Investor Visa

This is the second reason why you just join Ehya Class than others

Spouse Visa

To successfully apply for a UK Spouse Visa, you must demonstrate to the UK Visas and Immigration that you meet.

Unmarried partner visa

You can also apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa if your British or settled Unmarried Partner lives outside the UK.

Skilled Worker Visa

The Skilled Worker category allows overseas citizens including European Economic Area nationals (arriving in the UK from 01 January 2021).

Student / study visa

Individuals aged between 4 and 17 years, who wish to study at an independent school in the UK, must apply for a Child Student Visa.

Health & Care worker visa

The Health and Care Worker Visa category allows doctors, nurses and other medical professionals of all nationalities.

Get Professional Advice From The Best

We’re an experienced firm with a new approach. We provide excellent legal advice and assistance, tailored to resolve your legal issues and meet your objectives. What kind of advice is best suited for you?

Legafit Solicitors Uk Spouse Visa Processing Time Get Expert Advice
Planning to apply for a UK visa? Find out if we can find the right solution for your journey. Complete the enquiry form and we will respond within 24hr
Legafit Solicitor Visa Immigration UK Full Advice and Consultation
Planning to apply for a UK visa? Receive advice on all aspects of your visa application from expert immigration lawyers. £130 + VAT
Legafit Solicitor Visa Immigration UK Online Video Link Consultation
Receive expert legal advice at a date and time of your choosing, from any location in the world. £90 + VAT (If VAT is applicable) for a 30 minutes.

Results And Experience Speak For Themselves

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Cases handled
Success Rate
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How We Work

Its fast, easy to use and simple to understand – and it removes the risk of committing to a legal course of action .

Detail Oriented Assessment

We key in on small details that make a big difference. Our lawyers extensively assess each case to determine clients’ eligibility for their desired outcome and to discover the strengths and weaknesses of cases.

Sophisticated Representation

We combine proven legal expertise with creative thinking. We see legal representation as a creative process where problem solving married imagination and critical thinking to deliver truly out of the box solutions

Uniquely Tailored Legal Advice

We treat each case as being unique in its nature and circumstances. Our lawyers design legal advice, strategy and tactics that are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and to help you achieve your objectives.

Human Centred Approach

We believe in being humans first and lawyers second. Being human helps us understand what makes our clients tick, and that makes us better lawyers and inventors.

Why Choose Us as Your Immigration Solicitors

We have a team of highly experienced immigration solicitors in London that can help to process and
resolve any immigration application.

Professional Expertise

Throughout years of experience in immigration law, we have met many of our client’s goals.

Positive Outcomes

Our comprehensive immigration legal advice ensures the best possible positive outcome.

Customised Services

With our immigration solicitors, you can get personalised assistance with your immigration issues.

Expeditions and Insights

Through in-depth experience, our immigration solicitors can reduce the processing times for home office.

Transparent Pricing

The rates we charge are transparent and affordable for our clients.

Legal Advice from Qualified Solicitors

We will assign you to an expert solicitor familiar with UK immigration law.

Clients First

We’ll tailor our service to meet your needs. We are committed to the success of our clients.

Faster Process

You can trust us to resolve your immigration concerns quickly. Some of our clients’ immigration concerns have been resolved within days of submitting their applications.

About Us

Founded by people who are dissatisfied with traditional law firm structures, we are restless in our pursuit of inventing new ways providing better value to individuals and start-ups. That restless pursuit of the breakthrough and challenging the conventional is core to Legafit’s DNA – it is why it was founded.

Legafit is a radically open creative collective made up of a community of lawyers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses frame the world’s possibilities.


We are thrilled to be part of your journey!

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