Helping individuals and start-ups navigate through their immigration challenges.
Creating solutions to help you achieve the immigration outcome you need to begin your journey to success.
Challenging complexity with humanity, simplicity, and creative thinking.
Designing effective solutions by integrating our clients’ objectives, the power of collaborative thinking and the possibilities of creative problem solving.
Empowering our clients to navigate what’s next and shape the opportunities of tomorrow
Matching creative insights with practical applications to secure your immigration status so you can shape the future you want.
Legafit Solicitors

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Free Informal Advice

Planning to apply for a UK visa? Find out if we can find the right solution for your journey. Complete the enquiry form and we will respond within 24 hours.  

Full Advice and Consultation

Planning to apply for a UK visa? Receive advice on all aspects of your visa application from expert immigration lawyers. £130 + VAT (If VAT is applicable) for a 45 minutes session.  

Online Video Link Consultation

Receive expert legal advice at a date and time of your choosing, from any location in the world. £130 + VAT (If VAT is applicable) for a 30 minutes session. 

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How we work

Its fast, easy to use and simple to understand – and it removes the risk of committing to a legal course of action without knowing the costs and likelihood of success.

Detail Oriented Assessment

We key in on small details that make a big difference. Our lawyers extensively assess each case to determine clients’ eligibility for their desired outcome and to discover the strengths and weaknesses of cases.

Uniquely Tailored Legal Advice

We treat each case as being unique in its nature and circumstances. Our lawyers design legal advice, strategy and tactics that are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and to help you achieve your objectives.

Sophisticated Representation

We combine proven legal expertise with creative thinking. We see legal representation as a creative process where problem solving married imagination and critical thinking to deliver truly out of the box solutions

Human Centred Approach

We believe in being humans first and lawyers second. Being human helps us understand what makes our clients tick, and that makes us better lawyers and inventors.


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Welcome to Legafit Solicitors

Simplifying legal to navigate complexity, we advise individuals and start-ups on all aspects of immigration law. Building lasting relationships and having a human first approach are at the centre of everything we do. Knowing our clients’ aims, aspirations and ambitions drive us to create solutions that help them overcome the challenges of today and capitalise on transformative opportunities of tomorrow.

Legafit Solicitors


Leader in resolving complex UK immigration and nationality law matters

Business Immigration

Legafit provides business immigration services and entrepreneur visa solicitors who are experts in UK immigration and visa matters.

Personal Immigration

Legafit provides professional personal immigration lawyers who are experts in resolving complex UK personal immigration and nationality law matters.

About Us

With simple, creative, and human centred advice, we help individuals and start-ups navigate legal complexity and transform challenges into opportunities.
Leader in resolving complex UK immigration And nationality law matters.
Being human

Being human is a promise we make to ourselves, our partners, and our clients. It is key to our ability to understand, relate to and empathise with our clients and what really matters to them. For us investing in relationships is about far more than achieving client satisfaction; it’s about listening attentively to our clients, truly understanding them at a human level and using their perspectives to design solutions that address their needs.

Leader in resolving complex UK immigration And nationality law matters.

Simplification runs through everything we do at Legafit. It is fundamental to our approach to providing legal advice, representation and designing legal solutions. Finding ways to simplify is also an integral part of our innovation strategy. We see profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, clarity, and efficiency. We believe that true simplicity is so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. True simplicity is about bringing order to complexity.

Inventing the future

Being client obsessed requires inventing new products and services to meet rapidly changing client needs. We believe it is our responsibility to invent on behalf of clients by identifying their needs long before they do and to keep them ahead of the curve by creating solutions that meet their needs. We accept that as we seek to invent the future by doing new things, we may be misunderstood for long periods of time. We embrace that misunderstanding and we welcome it.

Why us?

Results and experience speak for themselves
10+ years of experience

Business Immigration

Quality business immigration service
Investor Visa

Investor Visa

Apply to live and settle in the UK through substantial financial investment in the UK.

Work Visa

Apply for a UK work visa and expand your career opportunities in traditional and emerging industries.

Business Visa

Business Visa

Apply for a UK business visa to set up a new business or establish a representative branch.

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