About Us

Leader in resolving complex UK immigration And nationality law matters.

About Us

Founded by people who are dissatisfied with traditional law firm structures, we are restless in our pursuit of inventing new ways providing better value to individuals and start-ups. That restless pursuit of the breakthrough and challenging the conventional is core to Legafit’s DNA – it is why it was founded.

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, individuals and start-ups need their legal advisers to understand what motivates them in order to give them the support to be effective today and create long-term value for tomorrow. We recognise that and we are dedicated to giving you the support you need to succeed.

To deliver on our mission, we go beyond simply providing legal advice. We take pride in being client obsessed – we start with our clients and work our way backwards.

We believe that being client obsessed is fundamentally about three things: humanity, simplicity and innovation.

Legafit is a radically open creative collective made up of a community of lawyers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses frame the world’s possibilities.

To deliver on this goal, we are committed to disrupting the convention and no convention is more in need of disrupting than that of our industry lacking meaningful innovation, simplicity, and client centricity. We own that and we are committed to changing it. We strive to create a service experience that is grounded in greater empathy, fuelled by creative excellence, and always driven by client-centricity.

Designed to give you the peace of mind you need

We’re an experienced firm with a new approach. We provide excellent legal advice and assistance, tailored to resolve your legal issues and meet your objectives.

Here is how we do it:

Exceptionally experienced lawyers

Our lawyers have worked in their respective fields for at least 5 – 10 years and are specialist practitioners.  They have a perfect mix of deep legal expertise, strategic and tactical know-how, and the experience to formulate smart solutions to complex issues.

Collaborative problem polving

Our lawyers are leading experts in their fields. But where unusually complex issues arise, they work with other lawyers within the firm to combine their expertise, experience and creative thinking forces to collectively uncover out of the box solutions – at no additional cost to you.

Attracting the best talent

We are pioneering flexible working for lawyers because it enables them to only take on the work, they have the experience and capacity to handle, and avoid the unnecessary billing pressures of traditional law firms. This helps us attract the best legal talent.

High quality work and client experience

Our business model allows our lawyers to give special focus to your case, ensuring better quality of work, effective communication and faster progression of your case, which usually results in better client experience and satisfaction.

A global law firm

We work with clients from across the UK and the globe in relation to their UK immigration matters. Our lawyers have successfully leveraged innovative cloud-based technology to work with clients from around the world and continue to provide the highest quality legal support and advice via remote means.

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