Welcome to Legafit

We are a law firm committed to creating positive impact through our work.


Legafit is a radically open creative collective made up of a community of lawyers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses frame the world’s possibilities. To deliver on this goal, we are committed to disrupting the convention and no convention is more in need of disrupting than that of our industry lacking meaningful innovation, simplicity, and client centricity. We own that and we are committed to changing it. We strive to create a service experience that is grounded in greater empathy, fuelled by creative excellence, and always driven by client-centricity.


Being human is a promise to ourselves as a collective team as well as a commitment to the clients we work with. It is a promise that we all walk in open-minded, curious, challenging and above all else caring. Caring about the work we create and the people we create it with.


Creative excellence requires a dissatisfaction with the status quo, a certain restlessness and a deep curiosity for exploration and discovery. That restless pursuit of the new and the breakthrough means we’re constantly challenging established industry practices to uncover creative solutions.


Excellence is the art of simplification. We see profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, clarity, and efficiency. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. True simplicity is about bringing order to complexity.

10 +
Years of experience in human connection ,
simplifying complexity and creative problem solving .

1500 +

Solutions designed

1000 +

Success stories created

Accessible from anywhere in the world.
We have remotely supported clients from 6 continents. It’s easy to work with us. All you need is a mobile phone. Well, not quite, you also need internet connection. But that’s all.
Together is better
We achieve more when working together than alone. It’s not what we think. It’s what biology thinks. That’s why our people collaborate on each case to bring you team solutions. And you’re also a part of the team.
We’re people

We believe in people. We like people. Yes, we can be professional. But like being human more- and we practice it every day.

This is Legafit
It is true that Legafit was created to bring a human touch as well as divergent and design thinking to the often impersonal and inward-looking world of professional legal services.

It is also true that Legafit was born on a literal desk. Well, actually it was a coffee table in Slussen, Stockholm. A lot of coffee was spilled on it. Convention was abandoned here, direction and purpose found.


We are always looking for Solicitors to join us on our journey. If you are curious, restless, imaginative, collaborative and passionate about change, get in touch. We may already have more in common than you think.