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The Permitted Paid Engagement visa route is for individuals over the age of 18 who wish to enter the UK for the purpose of a short paid engagement.

Requirements for a Permitted Paid Engagement visa

In order to meet the eligibility requirements of a Permitted Paid Engagement visa you must demonstrate to the UK Visas & Immigration that:

  • You are applying to enter the UK for the sole purpose of engaging in specific paid work;
  • You are applying to enter the UK to engage in specific paid work at the invitation of your UK based client (be it a person or an organisation);
  • The specific paid work you propose to engage in relates to your expertise or the occupation you hold overseas;
  • You intend to depart the UK at the end of your proposed stay;
  • You have sufficient funds to cover the reasonable costs associated with your proposed trip to the UK;

The specific applicable requirements will vary depending on a wide range of factors. You may want to speak to an immigration lawyer for specialist advice.

If you wish to apply for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa speak to one of our specialised immigration lawyers for expert advice by completing our “Enquiry Form”.

What else do I need to know about the Permitted Paid Engagement visa?

The Permitted Paid Engagement Visa route allows individuals from a wide range of industries to undertake permitted paid engagement in the UK. This category is open to overseas lecturers visiting the UK to deliver lectures, overseas examiners visiting the UK to oversee assessments, overseas designated air pilot examiners, qualified lawyers, artists, entertainers and sports professionals.

The permitted paid engagement you wish to engage in must be closely related to your professional/academic expertise or your occupation overseas. You must provide the UK Visas & Immigration with supporting documentary evidence demonstrating your expertise, overseas occupation and how it is related to your proposed permitted paid engagement in the UK. The invitation should show why you have been chosen to carry out the PPE (because of your skills or expertise) and set out how the engagement links to the venue.

If you are successful in your application for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa, you will be granted leave to enter the UK for up to one month. You will be expected to carry out your permitted paid engagement during the validity of your one month visa.

If you wish to enter the UK as a visiting lecturer, you must demonstrate that you are permanently employed overseas and that you will return to your overseas employment at the end of your permitted paid engagement in the UK. The UK Visas & Immigration will also require visiting lecturers to demonstrate that they are not fully retired in their country of residence. However, where a visiting lecturer is semi-retired but is carrying out regular lectures and is earning money from it, they will qualify for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa.

The Permitted Paid Engagement Visa route will allow you to undertake specific activities during your stay in the UK. For example, if you are a professional footballer you may enter the UK to give a paid interview and also attend meetings to discuss a contract. If you are an artist, you may enter to give a paid performance and present their work to other professionals or the public.

How our lawyers can help you with your Permitted Paid Engagement Visa Application

Our lawyers are specialists in UK immigration law with almost a decade of experience. We have assisted hundreds of UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa applicants to prepare and submit successful UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa applications.

Our immigration lawyers can provide you expert advice on meeting the requirements of the Immigration Rules, carry out a detailed assessment of your prospects of qualifying for a UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa and can assist you with the preparation and submission of your immigration application.

Our lawyers combine creative energy with deep technical legal expertise to uncover innovative, out-of-the-box and unconventional strategies that help you succeed in your application even when you’re facing inherent challenges in meeting the requirements of a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa.

We do this by deploying the following:

  • Taking a holistic approach to analysing every facet of each case and formulating strategies to comprehensively address every element of the case;
  • Bringing deep technical and substantive legal expertise;
  • Collaborative strategizing among specialist lawyers, who operate at different levels of seniority, bringing a wealth of technical expertise, tactical know-how and diversity of perspective on your matter;
  • Using Design Thinking to reframe the challenges you face with a view to redefining value and opening up the scope of solutions;
  • Designing customised strategy to meet your specific challenges.

What this means for you?

If you instruct us to take on your case, our scope of work will comprise of the following:

  • Taking detailed instructions to carry out a thorough analysis of your case;
  • Assessing your eligibility for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa in line with the requirements as set out in the Immigration Rules Appendix Visitor: Permitted Activities (, the accompanying Policy Documents and the wider case-law jurisprudence;
  • Notifying you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Advising you on strategies, where possible, to remedy the weaknesses in your case and better evidence the strengths of your case;
  • Providing you detailed and customised advice on the documents you need to provide in support of your application;
  • Reviewing your documents to assess whether they meet the evidential requirements of your application and to advise you if further documents are required;
  • Drafting the application form to provide to you for review and, if required, amending the application in line with your observations;
  • Preparing a detailed letter of representations to be submitted in support of your application;
  • Submitting the application form online and arranging an appointment for the enrolment of your biometrics;
  • Responding to any queries from the Home Office regarding your application
  • Addressing any queries that you may have regarding your application and any issues arising relating to your immigration status;
  • Corresponding with the UK Visas and Immigration (Home Office) to ensure a timely decision on your application.

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