Commissioners For Oaths London 

A Commissioner for Oaths is a person who has been authorised to administer oaths or take affidavits or witness signing of statutory declarations. In the UK, a Commissioner for Oaths is appointed by the Lord Chancellor. 

The appointment of Commissioner for Oath is automatically assigned to Solicitors of England and Wales, and they derive their powers to administer oaths, take affidavits or witness signing of a statutory declaration UK from this appointment. 

Therefore, Legafit Solicitors are qualified to act as Oath Commissioner, and are able to assist with administration of oaths, taking affidavits or witnessing the signing of statutory declarations. 

As a firm of solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths, Legafit Solicitors can assist in relation to the following services:

What is a Statutory Declaration? 

A statutory declaration is a statement of facts, made by a person under oath, declaring that the contents of the statement are true and accurate to the best of their belief and knowledge. In order for the statement to become a statutory declaration, it must be witnessed and signed in the presence of a statutory declaration solicitor, commissioner for oaths or notary public. 

Statutory declarations are ordinarily used for the purposes of satisfying a specific legal regulation or requirement when no other evidence can be provided to achieve that outcome. 

Statutory declarations are usually used for: 

  • Declaration as to one’s identity, nationality, or marital status when no legal document exists to prove the same; 
  • Declaration to change one’s name with a view to enabling the person to adopt a new name; 
  • Declaration of statement of originality in support of patent applications; 
  • Affirming the provenance and nature of goods for export and import. 

At Legafit Solicitors, we can assist with: 

  • witnessing the signatures of the declarant(s); and/or 
  • drafting Statutory Declaration


An affidavit is a statement of fact from a witness setting out the evidence that the witness wants to give in relation to a particular matter or set of events. To become a sworn affidavit, the facts or contents of the written statement must be sworn to be true by the affiant or the deponent, and their signing of the statement must be witnessed by the taker of oath, such as a Commissioner for Oaths. 

A solicitor at Legafit can assist you with:  

  • Drafting an affidavit; or 
  • Administering an oath for affidavit.  

Certifying Documents as True Copies of the Originals

There are certain circumstances – such as when applying for a bank account, a mortgage or inviting someone to visit you in the UK – where you may be required to provide documents that are certified, by a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oath, as being the true copies of the original documents. Being a firm of solicitors and Commissioners for Oath, we are able to assist you with certifying copies of documents as being true copies of the original documents. To help us do this, you must provide the original documents copies of which you would like us to certify as well as your original ID (unless it is the original ID a copy of which needs to be certified).  

Sponsorship Declarations

A Sponsorship Declaration is a document within which the UK Sponsor (a person who is sponsoring another person’s UK visa) declares that he/she will sponsor the UK Visa applicant to visit or join them in the UK. In a sponsorship declaration letter for UK visa, the UK sponsor will provide a formal undertaking that if the UK visa applicant is granted a UK visa, they will be maintained and accommodated by the sponsor without recourse to public funds.  

At Legafit Solicitors, we can assist you with drafting sponsorship declarations that are specifically tailored to the circumstances of the Sponsor and the UK visa applicant. A sponsorship declaration letter for UK visa is commonly provided in support of UK visa applications and can help in reassuring the UK Home Office that the Sponsor will honour their commitments if the applicant is granted a UK Visa.  

We can, therefore, assist you with:  

  • Drafting Sponsorship Declarations; and  
  • Witnessing the signatures of declarant(s).   
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