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Leader in resolving complex UK immigration And nationality law matters.

Detailed Immigration Advice & Consultation from £100 + VAT (If VAT Is Applicable)

Our team of specialist immigration and human rights lawyers can provide expert immigration advice relating to all aspects of immigration, human rights and nationality law.

Our expert immigration lawyers have an outstanding track record of successfully assisting individuals and business with all types of immigration, nationality and human rights matters. Our UK immigration lawyers have vast experience of successfully handling highly complex immigration matters. They pride themselves on being approachable, understanding clients’ needs and delivering on their objectives by taking a proactive approach to progressing their cases.

Immigration matters are multi-faceted with many subtle dimensions, and the solutions usually lay deep in the minutia of details. Resolving complex immigration matters requires a deep analysis of the individual’s personal circumstances including their past history and future objectives. Our expert immigration lawyers apply their specialist knowledge of UK immigration law – along with their tactical and strategic nous – to your unique personal circumstances in order to uncover creative and out of the box solutions to your immigration problems.

If you wish to receive a comprehensive analysis of your circumstances and detailed immigration advice on how best to resolve your immigration issues, you can schedule an appointment to receive detailed immigration advice & consultation. You can arrange a consultation for £100 + VAT (If VAT Is Applicable) for a consultation lasting up to 40 minutes.

As part of your detailed immigration consultation, you will receive the following:

  • Advice on the specific immigration rules that apply to you;
  • Detailed interpretation of the relevant immigration rules in clear and concise language understandable to non-lawyers;
  • Detailed analysis of how the relevant immigration rules are applicable in the context of your personal circumstances;
  • Detailed overview of the procedures involved in the application of the relevant immigration rules;
  • Advice on the collation of documents to submit in support of your case;
  • Detailed assessment of your prospects of success in the proposed course of action;
  • Detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Strategic and substantive legal advice on mitigating the weaknesses of your case;
  • Strategic and substantive legal advice on enhancing the strengths of your case;
  • Strategic framework for applying the relevant rules to achieve your desired objectives;
  • Estimated time-frame for the completion of the work;
  • Answering any questions regarding your immigration matter.

During your consultation, our immigration lawyers will provide you with an upfront assessment of costs involved in handling your matter. Our fees are always determined by the complexity of your case and the number hours our immigration lawyers will be likely to spend in order to provide you with quality legal representation. We usually offer our clients fixed fee quotes so that they are able to understand the full costs of their case in advance of commencing any course of action. However, there may be cases of high complexity  – such as senior court litigation or very complex applications – where it will be appropriate to divide the costs into various stages.

If you instruct our immigration lawyers to represent you in connection with your  immigration matter within 2 weeks of the consultation date, your consultation fee will be taken off the fixed fee quoted to handle your immigration case.

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